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At Solid Foundations, we are committed to helping home and business owners protect the property and the people they care about by solving their foundational and structural problems. If your home or business is suffering from a shaking or sinking foundation, we are prepared to remedy major dilemmas like this with our foundation repair services. However, in order to keep your home or business on solid ground before conditions worsen to the extent of having a sinking foundation, Solid Foundations offers preventative services that divert danger away from your foundation with our French drain installations.

The Need for French Drains

If your home often handles an excess of water due to heavy rains or a wet climate, French drains can serve as the lifesaver that keeps your foundation and concrete dry. Families living in Florida know that Florida experiences an onslaught of rain during hurricane season, and even just a few downpours can really jeopardize your foundation. For every inch of rain that lands on one thousand square feet of roof, six hundred gallons of runoff are produced. This means that enough water to fill ten bathtubs is pouring off your roof and straight down toward your foundation, where it will begin to steadily seep through the soil. If too much water comes into contact with your foundation, your foundation and foundations walls will begin to crack, and at that point, you would no longer need to manage a small issue of water drainage: you would need to fix the sizable predicament of a broken foundation.

The foundation is not the only part of your house that can encounter serious setbacks from falling water. If your foundation or crawlspace is extremely soggy, the moisture from beneath your house will rise through your house and condense on the underside of your roof where it can cause the growth of mildew. The presence of mold and mildew in your attic poses a threat to your roof, and if the situation intensifies, you will need to replace your roof.

Other areas of your home that could suffer from a steady flow of water are landscaped sections, outdoor living spaces, and driveways and walkways. If the soil around your home is not draining properly, rain runoff can take a heavy toll on your yard, carving ravines into your lawn, smearing your pathways with silt, and pushing piles of mulch or wood chips away from your garden. Eventually, your patios, decks, and concrete slabs could suffer as well. The concrete of your driveway could become overly soft and make driving on it quite difficult, and your driveway as well as other sources of concrete could crack and settle. If this happens, you would need to lift and level the concrete and fill any voids before you could attempt to reconstruct the area.

The Basics of French Drains

French drains are ideal for shielding your foundation from any amount of unnecessary and undesirable damage resulting from excessive water accumulation in your yard, driveway, crawlspace, or basement. French drains are underground drainage systems designed to retrieve and collect surface water coming from downspouts and drain pipes and also drain the groundwater. These drainage systems consist of rock or gravel-filled trenches and perforated pipes that direct surface water away from your home.

French Drain Installations

Solid Foundations can bury French drains around your foundation wall on the external side of your foundation in order to keep your foundation dry, and we can install them underneath your basement floor on the inside perimeter of the basement in response to a wet basement. With our French drains, Solid Foundations can include filter fibers and sump pumps in order to prevent clogs and propel the water.

The Versatility of French Drains

At Solid Foundations, our friendly team of experts knows how to effectively apply French drains to your property in order to solve your drainage problems. If your yard is suffering from considerable amounts of surface water, Solid Foundations will supply a shallow French drain horizontally across your property and uphill from any soggy areas that need to be dried. A shallow French drain will intercept water and channel it away from wet spots.

If you have water getting into your basement or crawlspace, we can bury a deep French drain around the perimeter of your house at the footing level so that the water will be caught before it reaches your basement or crawlspace, or we can add an interior French drain that will intercept the water as it enters your basement or crawlspace and serve as the surest way to keep your basement or crawlspace dry. With both of these types of French drains, Solid Foundations installs a perforated pipe that will direct the water toward a collection tank and a sump pump if needed to send the water to a storm drain.

The Source of French Drain Installations

As professionals invested in safeguarding your home or business from the hazards of water that many of us cannot anticipate, Solid Foundations provides French drain installations services that can be customized to meet your particular drainage needs. We are committed to delivering the French drain systems that successfully inhibit inappropriate amounts of water from drowning out the safety and security of your property, and we use only the products and methods that will leave you with peace of mind instead of a real headache. In order to learn how Solid Foundations can fend off water damage to your foundation with our French drain installations services, contact us today!